Colarasis, Inc

Houston, TX


Electro-Chemical Underground Conversion Process For Primary and Secondary Hot Oil Well Stimulation and Recovery.

Colarasis, Inc. proposes to offer a new and unique secondary hot oil recovery process. 


This new process involves the enhanced recovery of crude oil for which there has never been a satisfactory or inexpensive production process. Owing especially to the ability of these treatments to control and highly improve viscosity and flow factors, the potentials particularly of heavy paraffin and asphaltic deposits in the United States are beyond evaluation. This does not appear to be overstated when considering that, to date, only 30% to 35% has been normally recoverable from known reserves. 

These treatments are capable of opening the unrecoverable reserves of 65% to 70%, in this nation or worldwide, not to mention a large recovery of sludge. What is involved here is a world-milestone breakthrough in colloidal chemistry which offers a dynamic solution to America’s energy problems.

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